A journey started by a mothers love for her daughter, and a desire to share precious memories that would be carried through the ages. 

Born and raised on the Isle of Man, Catrin Callister is a self taught silversmith with a formal education in contemporary furniture design. Who after being seduced by the art of lost wax casting and a life long love of mechanics and connection, fell in love with jewellery design and started Noodle & Meow in 2020.

Inspired by the things we treasured as children, the simplicity of playing with dolls, making rose petal perfume in the garden, finding treasures in the sand at the beach. 

Our jewellery is sculpted by hand into wax to embody and celebrate those memories, then cast into gold and silver before being adorned with brightly coloured enamels and gemstones. Every piece is personal, and has been lovingly created for you to add your own precious memories and stories too.

Noodle & Meow is about celebrating you and everything that makes you feel special.  

Wear it, love it, create new memories with it. 

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From Vision to Reality

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