All of our  pendants, chains, charms and decorative chain extenders are designed to connect with each other so you can add a little play to your day and style it your way.

Sliders© Our sliders© do exactly what their name suggests, they slide fluidly against each other making them a perfect  staple for single pendants or for lariat style necklaces, they connect in to all our other chains too. Every chain comes with the connections required to start your wear it your way journey, you can add your existing treasured pieces too.

Loopers©  Our loopers© are where the magic starts to happens. All of our loopers© can be adjusted so you can create chokers, necklaces and bracelets, and when they're connected to our Sliders© their height becomes adjustable too, from long and lean to a choker style necklace with a long drop, the possibilities are almost endless. Every chain comes with the connections required to start your wear it your way journey.