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Lenten Rose

In the depths of winter when the nights are long and memories of summer have long since faded. Helleborus Niger or the Christmas Lenten Rose peeks through the darkness with her beautiful floral display.

A delight for gardeners the world over and a stunning reminder that spring is just around the corner.

Hidden Treasures

Inspired by precious memories of days spent at the beach unearthing treasures from the sand, our hidden treasures collection are a little bit more refined with real gemstones buried inside . 

Peggy Sue

We love a nostalgic wink to the past and these little darlings definitely fit the bill, I remember spending hours decorating them with paper dresses and crayons, making houses and furniture for them. All those memories of childhood coming flooding back every time I see them.

Little Fish

Growing up on a small island the sea is never far from sight, and as children armed with a net and bucket whole days would be spent in the searching of rockpools, rivers and shoreline, trying to catch just one of the illusive little fish.


Back by popular demand, our delicate light weight everyday pebble shaped jewels.


Every trip to the beach is a memory created, as children we would return home with pockets full of pebbles and shells we had found, everyone was a prized treasure. Our Contour Collection is a slightly more delicate and shinier version of those memories that can be worn to remind us of days gone by. Every shape is unique and truly one of a kind.

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