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Jewellery care.

Your pendants, charms, chains and rings are designed and made to last a lifetime. However over time your jewellery will take on a natural patina as well loved jewellery does. Listed below are a few options to revive the shine and bring back some of their original lustre. 

Professional polishing

If you're missing the original lustre of your piece our professional polishing service is here to help. From satin to high shine we can restore your piece to its former glory.  Prices start from £25. Please contact us first at to schedule this service. 

Extending the shine

Creams, lotions and perfume can accelerate natural tarnishing. Apply these products first and allow to dry before putting on your jewellery to extend the shine.

At home polishing

A soft toothbrush can work miracles, gently scrub your piece in a bowl of warm soapy water taking care not to scrub too hard. Leave to dry on a clean surface, using a soft polishing cloth gently buff the piece until it shines.  


When you're not wearing your pieces it's best to store them in a clean, moisture free environment, out of direct sunlight. 

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