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Size guide.

Ring size

When it comes to purchasing rings, size really does matter! Especially if it is a made to order investment piece which most of ours are. So before you click that purchase button please ensure you have selected the correct size.


The best and most accurate way to do that is to have your finger professionally sized at a local jeweller ensuring your purchase will be a comfortable fit. Most jewellers offer this service free of charge, if you are purchasing a wider ring ask to be fitted for a wide band as well as a regular fit. 


Chain lengths

We have a selection of different chain lengths and widths for you to choose from, all options will be listed on their individual product pages. If you are looking to have a piece sit at a particular location on your neckline, and are unsure about the exact measurement follow steps below. 


Simply take a piece of string and place the starting end at your chosen location, then guide the string around the back of your neck and back down to your starting point where the ends will meet. Mark on the string where the ends meet. Place the marked string end to end against a measuring tape and record the measurement. Place your order with the required closest measurement.  

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