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The Designer.

Catrina Callister, designer, founder and chief visionary at Noodle & Meow.

wax carving-noodle-and-meow.jpg

My journey into jewellery.

From the very first second I held a jewellers torch in my hand I knew I had found my passion and an obsession was born.


After some fifteen plus years as a floral designer specialising in sculptural design. I knew I was ready for change but I hadn't yet decided what direction I was going to take.


In blew 2020.


Whilst trying to keep my nine year old daughter and myself occupied we stumbled upon making jewellery and it was love at first flame. It took some time learning through trial and error before I  found my niche, discovering an ancient technique called lost wax casting was a game changer. Being able to bring my visions to life in wax before they are transformed into silver or gold using this technique is incredibly satisfying. Sculpting every line, groove and curve is like meditation, time vanishes when I'm sculpting. 


Influenced by my years as a floral designer, I love incorporating floral and natural elements into my designs, I also love to add a little splash of humour where I can too. 

I wholeheartedly believe the pieces we choose to wear should be full of emotion, pieces that make us smile when we wear them, and light us up from the inside bringing  joy to our days.

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