Customise your collection to suit your style

"Wear it your way"

The Full Story

Tired of changing out your chains because they don't sit where you want them too?

Wish they were more versatile? Me too!

Which is why we came up with this jolly good idea and created a whole collection around the concept of connection.

We wanted  to give you more than one option per piece of treasured jewellery, so everything is either adjustable or connectable (excluding rings, and earrings although we're working on that little project too) the possibilities are almost endless.

How it works....

Step 1

Choose your favourite chain. Our Sliders© and Loopers© collections are a great place to start. These chains are an excellent jumping off point and will form a good solid structure to begin your adventure, heavy in weight and not easily tangled makes them perfect for experimentation.  

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Step 2

Choose your charms and or pendants.

If you're just starting out why not opt for one of our pendants to start your journey with, that way you can see how easily everything connects together and go from there.

If your feeling more adventurous try out our charms, every charm and pendant comes with the connectors required, you can even create chains from the charms as well.

Hey presto you're all set to start your

wearing it your way journey!

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