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Catrina Callister.

From the very beginning as a self taught jewellery artist, I have been drawn to the allure of larger, statement pieces that made a lasting impression. Big and bold designs that capture attention with their distinctive shapes and intricate details. 


With every creation, I pour my heart and soul into transforming raw materials into wearable works of art. Sometimes they carry a theme, but mostly they are an exploration of raw materials and divine inspiration.


Fabricating by hand and sand casting sculpted pieces from wax is my preferred method of craftsmanship, these materials allow me to be creative and spontaneous with my designs.      A machine can make things uniform and perfect, I celebrate the imperfections so you can see the hand that made it.

My vision as a jewellery artist is to empower wearers with pieces that serve as bold expressions of their inner selves. I firmly believes that jewellery should evoke emotions, make statements, and become cherished symbols of personal identity. Through Noodle and Meow, I aim to create an extraordinary connection between distinctive design and those who seek to embrace their own uniqueness.

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